Professional Photo Booth Hire in Manchester





If you are looking to make your event an extra special one, then why not book a photo booth for your event. Photo booths are a great addition for weddings, birthdays and special events, as they allow your guests to take amusing and entertaining pictures – which they can take home and keep. Nothing brings people together than squeezing into a booth with six other people wearing hats and wielding inflatable bananas and taking pictures of it all. Our eye-catching booths look perfect in any event and can be customized to your specifications, so that they will complement your special event. For more information about photo booth hire in Manchester, please contact us.

You don’t just get a photo booth, when you hire one from us. Our booths come with a number of additions and add-ons so that you can really get the most out of the booth at your event.


props available with our Photo Booth for Hire in Manchester

Photo Booth Hire in Manchester


Our booths come with:


Different Designs and Skins

Make sure the photo booth you choose really suits your event by customizing the look and style to exactly how you want it.

A Personalized Guestbook

You will be able to really remember your special event, when your guests write messages in a guestbook, which you can keep and cherish long after your event has finished.


Unlimited Prints

You and your guests can go wild and make the most of the photo booths with unlimited prints.

A Wide Variety of Fun and Comical Props

We bring a massive collection of hats, glasses, wigs, masks and inflatables to the party so your guests can really look the part when taking their pictures.


Our Photo Booths


We offer two photo booths for hire in Manchester for your special occasion. We stock only the most advanced booths on the market, that will give your guests high-quality prints that will last long after your special event is finished. Both of our booths have a number of amazing features that will get your guests talking and in the mood for lots of fun.


 instant printed photos with our Photo Booth Hire in Manchester


Instant 6x4 Colour Prints

The photos our booths print, are of an excellent quality and will last a lifetime.

Photo filters

Our booths have a vast number of different filters that will add some serious fun or sophistication to your pictures.

Green Screen / 3D Green Screen

A green screen will allow your guests to impose themselves in a range of enjoyable and amazing environments, to make their photos truly unique.

Facial Recognition

Advanced facial recognition in the booth will allow your guests to make many hilarious and entertaining edits.


If you want to start the party, you can do so from the photo booth where your guests can sing along to many favourites and classics.

If you are looking to host a photo booth at your event all you will need to give us is access to electricity, a small space to sit the booth and an hour before the event so that we properly set up the photo booth. Other than that, we will take care of everything! So, you can focus on preparing and planning the rest of your special day. 



Looking To Hire Our Photo Booths in Manchester

For more information or a friendly chat about one of our photo booths in Manchester, please get in touch on the number bellow or request a call back today.