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Treat Your Guests to Something Special

Our custom-made candy cart is beautifully made from wood and is a novel way for your guests to taste some delicious and appetizing treats. Having a candy cart at your event will provide some elegance and class to the proceedings and will keep many kids and adults entertained as they sample all of the different candies, chocolates and sweets that we have on offer. Our stunning cart can be customized in a number of different colour scheme so that it blends in perfectly with the style and décor of your special day. If you need more details about booking a candy cart or photo booth hire in Manchester, please get in touch for a friendly chat.


Candy Cart Hire in Manchester

Candy Cart Hire in Manchester

Your choice of sweets with our Candy Cart Hire in Manchester



Beautiful Candy Cart Hire in Manchester


When you decide to book our candy cart for your event there are a number of things to discuss so we can really tailor everything to your specifications, so that you really get the most out of having a candy cart at your event. 


 Our elegant Candy Cart for Hire in Manchester

You Get To Decide:

The Sweets

Having a candy cart would be pointless if all of the confectionaries on offer were not to your liking. We have a huge selection of candies, chocolates and sweets, so you can decide which specific sweets you want at your event. We stock all of the major favourites and classics, and also store many retro sweets, if you want a blast from the past. If there is a particular sweet you think may be hard to get hold of, get in contact, and we will do our best to try and find it for you.

The Colours

You can decide how the candy cart will look. So, if you are throwing a baby shower or gender reveal party, we can stock only blue sweets or pink sweets for example. Any other colour you wish for, can also be arranged.

What To Keep

As standard, we will provide 100 grams of sweets for every guest. Anything that is left over – is yours. So, you can pack up any leftovers for your guests, or keep them for yourself, it all depends on how generous you are feeling!


Uplighters are an additional extra for the candy cart that really illuminate the cart and give it a beautiful glow. Having uplighters indoors and/or at night can really make your cart look extra special.



Looking To Hire Our Candy Cart In Manchester

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